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An effortless solution for restaurants !

✔ Automatically improve your margins

✔ Act effortlessly for the planet

✔ Create a positive ESG policy 

We are Afoodi, a foodtech startup.

Our mission is to decarbonise the restaurant industry with AI helps.

Committed to the transition, our team is a synergy of professionals from the tech and restaurant industry.

AI for Good   |   AI for Food

Act effortlessly for the planet

Act effortlessly for the planet

Automatically improve your margins

Automatically improve your margins

Create a positive sustainability policy with concrete data

Create a positive sustainability policy with concrete data

Big data powered

We're populating our own proprietary database.

Restaurants owners are facing shrinking margins due to inflation rates

87% of restaurant owners are facing shrinking margins due to inflation rates*

Restaurant menu prices are increasing while average spend is reducing.


of the CO2e impact of

Europeans comes from food!*


of consumers say they will visit an establishment more often if sustainable practices are implemented there.'

“If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

Ray Croq-McDonald's founder

Menu Planète

Menu Planète


Reduce your emissions while increasing your margins !

Take climate action!


Use a method inspired by classic evaluation to make an impact!

Communicate positively about emissions !

Help your clients make good choices for the planet and for your margins.

People working on computers


Our multidisciplinary team is made up of experts from the hospitality and tech industries.


Léo Guarneri CEO 

Is a food-tech entrepreneur and a three Michelin star trained chef.

He co-founded his own successful business at the age of 22 in London; ten years later he became a food consultant, based in the southwest of France.


Olivier Penin CTO 

Olivier is a data and e-commerce specialist, he is the architect of our technology.

He has 20 years experience as Head of Data for corporate leaders, Developer.

James Deslauriers R&D

Is a lecturer and researcher in Data sciences.

Based in London he is a member of the Research Centre for Parallel Computing.

James is currently working on the Horizon 2020 DIGITbrain project, investigating the creation of a platform for Digital Twins in Manufacturing and Robotics.

He is also involved in the Horizon Europe Project HARPOCRATES.

INRIA Bordeaux

INRIA is the French national research institute for digital science and technology.


We are part of the INRIA Startup Studio.

INRIA coordinates AI Research in France, accelerating ambitious scientific and entrepreneurial projects in digital technology.

HRS4R Award (Excellence in Research from the European Commission).


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