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Our Method

Effortless Menu Management.


 A simple and effective solution for your restaurant and  to save your time.


Apply a unique process to increase minimum spend and your margins, while reducing wastage.


Get access to a solution built on artificial intelligence that takes inspiration from menu engineering and behavioural science.

Fish Dish


Higher margin and lower waste.


At your side, to increase revenue and your margins. Reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

Calm Waters


From 2026, governments will subsidise and fiscally favour companies that endeavour to reduce their carbon impact.


We propose our method to prepare you for the future!


According to multiple studies, both guests and future employees will prefer restaurants that are committed to a sustainable future.

Flying Sail

Carbon impact

Recipes with the lowest carbon footprint are often the
most profitable.

Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to measure and reduce carbon impact and consequently increase profit. On average we are saving almost 30 tonnes of CO2e per year for a single restaurant of 80 covers, equivalent to travelling 136 000 km in an airplane.




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